The Implementation for Impact and Equity (I4IE) function advances health by prioritizing the rapid and equitable implementation of scientific discoveries into clinical practice. A generation of scientific and medical research progress has demonstrated that proven new interventions take too long to be deployed to patients. When these interventions do become available, they are often slowest to reach the ethnic and racial minority populations most in need. Our investigators, supported by the ICTS Dissemination and Implementation Research Core and resources available through the Center for Dissemination and Implementation at Washington University Institute for Public Health, have been at the forefront of Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) science. Ongoing activities include building capacity, redefining training needs to emphasize mentorship, and promoting a cross-CTSA understanding of the importance of D&I across the translational spectrum.

Through the Clinical Research Training Center, the ICTS offers a Translational Sciences Postdoctoral Program (TSPP) with areas of focus in Dissemination and Implementation, Entrepreneurship, and Research Innovation and Technology Transfer. Learn more about the TSPP.

Funding: The ICTS provides collaborative funding for:

Resources: Dissemination and Implementation Toolkits

In collaboration with our partner institution, Saint Louis University (SLU), we are exploring the ways in which our CTSA hub uses location technology and non-traditional health-related data to identify and intervene to improve community health outcomes. Working specifically with SLU’s Geospatial Health Research Group in the Geospatial Institute, the ICTS can provide extensive expertise in real-time data collection and analytics, which provide an unprecedented opportunity to evaluate interventions.

Review the core services below for assistance with implementation science in your own research.

Center for Advancing Health Services, Policy and Economics Research (CAHSPER)

Supports evidence-based health research and disseminates the results to policymakers and stakeholders.

Clinical Research Training Center (CRTC)

Provides infrastructure to support clinical research training and career development for predoctoral students, staff, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty.

Dissemination and Implementation Research Core (DIRC)

Provides expertise in support of translational (T3 and T4) research to move clinical knowledge into real-world use.

Geospatial Health Data Analytics Core

Provides support for spatially-informed research questions, designs, health data and analytics to understand community-level healthcare needs and interventions.