ICTS’ informatics services provide members with access to comprehensive biomedical informatics and data science capabilities and infrastructure across the translational research spectrum. At Washington University, these activities occur within the setting of shared resources known as Informatics Core Services (ICS) under the Institute for Informatics.

Learn more about our informatics resources below to help you plan, access, analyze and manage your research data.

Administrative Data Core Services (ADCS)

Provides expertise in the use of health services administrative data for all phases of clinical research studies.

Informatics Core Services (ICS)

Provides advanced technologies and services for working with biomedical data, including access and mining of EHR data from BJC and WUSM and clinical study data management.

NextGen Biomedical Informatics

Provides informatics expertise and capabilities to accelerate innovations in precision health that improve health outcomes for Missourians and the world.

Tissue Procurement Core (TPC)

Provides a centralized resource to collect, process, store, and utilize human biospecimens for translational and biomedical research.

ENACT Network

ENACT builds upon the CTSA Consortium cohort discovery platform, ACT, to enable investigators and trainees at CTSA hubs to conduct EHR-based research on any disease or condition across the network of over 142M patients.

ENACT was developed collaboratively by members of NCATS’ Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) consortium, with funding from the NIH National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences.