ABC Science Collaborative, RADx-UP publish lessons learned about keeping children safe in school during pandemic (Links to an external site)

The ABC Science Collaborative and RADx-UP have published a special supplement to the research journal Pediatrics focused on lessons learned while navigating the K-12 school environment during the pandemic. ICTS Associate Director Christina Gurnett, MD, PhD and Integrating Special Populations co-lead Jason Newland, MD, MEd, are included in this body of work with their study “Recommendations for […]

Global Health Week (Links to an external site)

Global Health Week is a university-wide event that brings together Washington University and the St. Louis community to engage around global health topics. Mark your calendars! The next Global Health Week will be November 1-5, 2021.

National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C) (Links to an external site)

National COVID Cohort Collaborative

The National Institutes of Health has launched a centralized, secure enclave to store and study vast amounts of medical record data from people diagnosed with coronavirus disease across the country. It is part of an effort, called the National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C), to help scientists analyze these data to understand the disease and develop treatments. […]