Human & Mouse Linked Evaluation of Tumors (HAMLET) Core

The mission of the Human and Mouse Linked Evaluation of Tumors (HAMLET) Core is to promote understanding of the biology and genetics of Human Breast Cancer, and to provide better preclinical models for the validation of new treatment and imaging approaches.

Read the full scientific focus of the HAMLET Core here.

Services & Resources

Each Washington University Human-in-Mouse (WHIM) line has been expanded and the material is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis; subject to availability. WHIM material available includes:

  • Live frozen cells
  • Live tumor bearing mice
  • Protein lysates
  • DNA and RNA
  • Formalin fixed material

Please click here for more specific data, and contact Shunqiang Li at if you have questions.

The HAMLET core also provides:

  • Therapeutic or imaging experiments in collaboration with academic investigators (the price list for these materials and services is available on demand)
  • Patients' clinical outcomes, therapeutic history and responsiveness to treatment
  • Existing Genomic and Proteomic data (publicly available for each WHIM line once it has been published)
  • Pre-publication data (available through project consultation work)
  • Establishment of patient-derived xenograft models from other, non-breast, cancer types

Facilities & Other Resources

Access the standard description of HAMLET facilities and other resources for grant application purposes.

User Expectations

A requirement for user publications is that the source of the material must be credited to the HAMLET Core and the relevant grants that generated the resource.