Recruitment Enhancement Core (REC)

The Recruitment Enhancement Core (REC) is located in the Regulatory Support Center and is a unique service that helps ICTS investigators meet and exceed study recruitment targets. The REC takes responsibility for enhancing recruitment; university wide, by passing a steady stream of qualified participants to the PIs and study coordinators. REC staff also provide:

  • Assistance with creating comprehensive, strategic recruitment plans and approaches to maximize recruitment efforts for supported clinical trials.
  • Access to the Research Participant Registry (RPR) database, in which over 15,000 potential participants can be queried by study inclusion and exclusion criterion.
  • Assistance with development and strategic placement (on campus or in the community) of advertising, whether by print or electronic media.
  • Assistance with sponsors, both industry and government, to secure additional funds, when appropriate, to enhance the recruitment and advertising efforts on all trials.

The goal of the REC is to free up the time of PIs and study coordinators, so they can focus on consenting and enrolling participants, while recruitment specialists spend the time identifying interested, qualified participants. The REC delivers systematic, data-driven and strategic support to optimally recruit and retain eligible research participants (to include women and underrepresented minorities) while ensuring regulatory compliance and the highest ethical standards in participant recruitment.

REC Services & Tools

The REC offers multiple service levels (all cumulative) designed to help investigators meet or exceed enrollment targets in research studies, specifically:

  • Study Registration – The REC team provides Level 1 services which includes referrals from the Research Participant Registry, a posting at our local Volunteer for Health site, and on our Facebook Fanpage; and flyer/poster development.

  • Media Development and Placement – Level 2 services include development of print media ads, radio and TV ads (on/off campus and paid/free), IRB approval support for REC and sponsor generated ads, and email blast distribution.

  • Strategic Plan Development/Accountability – Level 3/Consultation services are available on protocol feasibility, template language for regulatory and budget preparations, strategic recruitment plan development and guidance, and plan accountability.

  • Strategic Plan Implementation – Level 4 services include patient chart review, potential participant pre-screening and referrals, development and implementation of IRB approved pre-screening tools or scripts, or referral network collaboration with targeted community medical professionals. 

    The REC offers the following tools:

    ·   VFH Study Application Fact Sheet Form

    ·   Request for Media Development and Placement

    ·   myIRB Template Language

    ·   Recruitment and Advertising Budget Language

    Additional ICTS Recruitment Resources

    Recruitment services provided through two additional cores are supported through the ICTS Just-In-Time Core Usage Funding program.  They include:

    ·   Community Based Recruitment 

    ·   Emergency Care Recruitment
    ·   Stroke Patient Recruitment

    Facilities and Other Resources

    For a description of REC and other ICTS resources, see the Tools and Resources page.

  • Contact Information

    REC Team

    Karen Reece

    Shea Roesel-Wakeland
    Clinical Research Coordinator I

    Pechaz Clark
    Clinical Research Coordinator II

    Ashley Roberts
    Clinical Service Representative