Scientific Editing Service

    The Scientific Editing Service (SES) is supported by the ICTS and the Department of Medicine to work with ICTS Members to strengthen and clarify their extramural grant applications. 

      WHAT WE DOsrc="
      We customize the following comprehensive editing services to meet the specific needs of your grant application:

    • correct grammatical and typographical errors
    • improve sentence structure, paragraph organization, and flow
    • strengthen the scientific significance and impact
    • enhance scientific specificity
    • identify inconsistencies
    • refine formatting and headings
    • reduce word count
    • polish the language

        There may be a waiting list during periods of high demand. When we begin working on your grant application, the editing will take two weeks or less in most cases.  Editing improves your grant application, but does not guarantee that your application will be selected for award.

        We triage editing requests. Priority is given to applicants who

        • have a record of previous engagement with ICTS programs and resources
        • are early career track investigators moving toward independent investigator careers
        • are faculty within the Department of Medicine

        • Early engagement with the SES improves your priority and enables sufficient time for optimum development of your grant application.

          This schematic of the SES workflow illustrates the author and editor interactions during the editing process. 

          GET STARTED
          If you are ready to request scientific editing or a consultation, please submit a Service Request Form. You will receive an email with the SES Job Number after your request is accepted.  One of the editors will contact you with further information when they begin working on your grant application.

        Service Eligibility

        The Scientific Editing Service is available to ICTS members. Priority is given to individuals with previous engagement with ICTS programs and resources, early stage investigators moving toward independent investigator careers, and faculty in the Department of Medicine.  

        Request Service

        Complete the Service Request Form for a consultation with one of the scientific editors or for editing your grant application. For any questions, contact

        Submit Documents

        After submitting the Service Request Form, the SES will respond within three working days and provide a Job Number that must be used in all subsequent correspondence. Use your Job Number to complete the Document Submission Form


        In their own words....TESTIMONIALS from SES Users

        Contact Information

        Betsy Keath, PhD

        Sara Steenrod, PhD
        Scientific Editor

        Laura Zonia, PhD
        Scientific Editor

        Jennifer Harlow