Aaron DiAntonio, MD, PhD

Professor of Developmental Biology

Washington University in St. Louis (WU)

I investigate the molecular mechanisms that control the formation, function, and maintenance of neural circuits in development and disease. My lab combines genetic, molecular, neuroanatomical, and electrophysiological studies in both Drosophila and mouse to identify pathways required for the development and maintenance of axons and synapses. I have extensive experience in imaging, genetic manipulation, cell biology, and in conducting large-scale genetic screens with Drosophila as a means of elucidating the underlying biologic pathways that contribute to neuronal circuit formation and maintenance. We have recently identified a role for the DLK/JNK kinase pathway in driving the degeneration of injured axons. We are currently combining large-scale genetic screens in the fly with functional analysis in the mouse to dissect the molecular mechanisms driving axonal degeneration in the injured and diseased nervous system.