Ai-Ling Lin, PhD

Vice Chair for Research in Radiology

University of Missouri – Columbia (MU)

Dr. Lin’s research mission is to develop precision health approaches to prevent Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and related dementia. She is an expert on translational neuroimaging of brain vascular and metabolic functions. She developed and applied multi-metric neuroimaging methods (MRI, MRS and PET) to quantify cerebral blood flow and metabolism in humans. She “reversely” translated the imaging techniques that she used in humans to animals, which allow her to identify effects of caloric restriction, ketogenic diet, prebiotic diet and rapamycin on cognitive aging, AD, stroke and traumatic brain injury (TBI) with various animal models. She recently extended her research to include gut microbiome, metabolomics, and machine/deep learning analyses for identifying gut-brain interactions in the context of brain aging, AD, stroke and TBI. It is her goal to identify effective individualized interventions to preserve brain functions in aging and prevent dementia via gut-brain axis.