Aja B. Sullivan, MSN, RN, Phd Student- General Psychology, MBA- Healthcare Management

Course Lead/Clinical Coordinator- Psych-Mental Health Nursing (CNE, CNRN, PMH-BC)

BJC HealthCare (BJC)

As an academic nurse educator with nine years of experience and specialized certification in neuroscience and psychiatric nursing, my primary research and clinical interest lie in the intricate nexus of neuroscience, cognitive and general psychology, and behavioral sciences. I’m dedicated to enhancing our understanding of neurological and psychiatric patient care through a holistic lens, encompassing healthcare team dynamics and quality improvement initiatives. I also delve into the transformative impacts of healthcare design and built environments on outcomes. Moreover, I’m deeply invested in innovation within pre-licensure interprofessional education, employing novel teaching methods to advance learning, including the use if multi-modal simulation. As a strong advocate for social justice, I’m focused on bias reduction amongst healthcare professionals across various settings, aiming to foster a more equitable healthcare system. I continually seek opportunities for multidisciplinary collaboration, confident that intersectional inquiry will provide comprehensive solutions to complex health issues.