Alexei V. Demchenko, PhD

Professor and Department Chair Chemistry

Saint Louis University (SLU)

From the building blocks of nature to disease-battling therapeutics and vaccines, carbohydrates have had a profound impact on evolution, society, economy, and human health. Numerous applications of these essential biomolecules in many areas of science and technology exist. Although carbohydrates are desirable for the biological and medical communities, these molecules are very challenging targets for chemists. With participation of more than 150 co-workers/trainees, my laboratory (Glycoworld, has developed many innovative tools for the synthesis and application of carbohydrates. Our current research interests include: streamlined synthesis of carbohydrate building blocks; novel glycosylation reactions; methods for stereocontrolling the glycosidic bond formation; strategies for expeditious assembly of complex glycans and glycoconjugates; synthetic vaccines and glycopharmaceuticals; human milk oligosaccharides and other food additives and ingredients; solid phase and automated synthesis; modification and conjugation of glycans to protein carriers, surfaces, and nanoparticles.