Elizabeth Keath, PhD

Director Translational Research Program

Washington University in St. Louis (WU)

As the ICTS Translational Research Program Officer, I connect investigators to funding and educational opportunities, as well as providing supports for collaboration and team science. ICTS Research Navigation Services provides centralized investigator assistance through personalized consultation or through a web-based tool to help in planning, conduct, analysis and implementation of clinical and translational science projects. Through the Research Development Program, I support expert round-table consultation for researchers through the ICTS Research Forum Program and Grant Editing Services. The Research Forum (RF) Program provides interactive feedback and project development on grant research design including specific aims, study design and biostatistics; advises on future research/career directions; and connects investigators to potential collaborators, mentors and resources. The Scientific Editing Services (SES) maximizes the clarity of proposals by in-depth editorial review prior to grant submission.