Guangfu Li, DVM, MS, PhD

University of Missouri – Columbia (MU)

Our research aims to elucidate the underlying mechanisms by which tumor growth induces immune tolerance towards development of effective antitumor immunothearpy. By working seamlessly with clinician scientists including Drs. Kevin Staveley-O’Carroll, Eric Kimchi, Jussuf Kaifi, I expect to rapidly translate cutting-edge basic science discoveries into relevant therapeutic strategies that can be implemented in clinical practice or disseminated to population-based community interventions. Using immunocompetent mice, we established clinically relevant murine model for different cancers including hepatocellular cancer and pancreatic cancer. Using these models, we have explored different ways to overcome tumor-induced immunotolerance and develop immune-based combinational therapies to eliminate the established tumors. By charactering circulating tumor cells (CTCs), we also investigate the value of CTCs in cancer diagnosis, metastasis, and treatment.