Hongyu An, ScD

Associate Director of Center for Clinical Imaging Research

Washington University in St. Louis (WU)

My primary research interest is to develop novel imaging methods to deepen our understanding on pathophysiology and improve clinical diagnosis and patient management. I have focused on MR imaging and combined PET/MR imaging. My expertise are in MR physics, MR pulse sequence design and programming, image reconstruction, data processing and statistical analysis.

I have extensive experience in MR oxygen metabolic imaging, perfusion (Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast and Arterial Spin Labeling) imaging, susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI), diffusion tensor imaging (DTI)/HARDI, phase contrast imaging, MR spectroscopy, quantitative T1 and T2 measurements, and attenuation and motion correction for simultaneous PET/MR measurements. We have applied novel imaging techniques to study cerebrovascular disease, sickle cell disease and tumor.