Jin Zhang, PhD

Assistant Professor

Washington University in St. Louis (WU)

My research interests include computational biology and bioinformatics as they apply to cancer genomics and radiation oncology. My doctoral work focused on developing structural variation discovery tools and solving algorithmic problems using next-generation sequencing data. My postdoctoral work focused on developing algorithms analyzing whole transcriptome sequencing data to discover RNA specific aberrations and their applications in cancers. We designed and implemented the state-of-the-art gene fusion discovery tool, INTEGRATE, leading to the discoveries of novel biomarkers. We implemented the first tool, INTEGRATE-Neo, in cancer immunology to predict gene fusion neo-antigens. We discovered single-gene lncRNA biomarkers and novel mid-sized small RNAs. I am currently working on creating and integrating advanced computational approaches using high-throughput sequencing data and imaging data into the development of novel diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic strategies in HPV-related cancers.