John C. Lin, MD

Peds CCM Fellowship Program Director, Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Washington University in St. Louis (WU)

My clinical areas of interest lie in evaluating interventions that impact the course of critically ill patients, particularly those with respiratory failure or sepsis, in three distinct areas: (1) identification of unique clinical or diagnostic characteristics within broadly heterogeneous disease presentations that allow for exploration of potential targeted therapies; (2) implementation of specific task-based processes that prevent potentially harmful events or increase team performance; and (3) systems-based interventions that result in positive culture and behavior changes and enhance interprofessional team collaboration. These efforts have led to development and implementation of respiratory therapist driven care paths, a comprehensive transfusion and anti-coagulation approach for patients on ECMO, and a national multicenter initiative to promote early mobilization in critically ill children by maximizing multi-professional collaboration and family engagement.