John E. Tavis, PhD

Professor of Molecular Virology

Saint Louis University (SLU)

My research focuses on the biochemistry and cell biology of the reverse transcriptase from the Hepatitis B Virus and on the effect of Hepatitis C Virus’ very high genetic diversity on its response to antiviral therapy and on disease induced by HCV infection. I am active in the international virology community, having organized the 2003 International Meeting on the Molecular Biology of HBV, served on the American Society for Virology program committee, chaired an American Cancer Society study section, served as a reviewer for many journals, and have recently been appointed to 3 national service positions: An academic editor for PLoS One, a permanent member of the VirB NIH study section, and a member of the American Cancer Society Council for Extramural Research. This experience has given me a broad perspective on virology in both the clinical and basic settings.