Kimberly R. Enard, PhD, MBA, MSHA

Assistant Professor of Health Management and Policy

Saint Louis University (SLU)

My overarching research goal is to address health inequities using community-engaged, patient-centered approaches that recognize complex, multilevel social determinants of health that influence each person’s health and well-being over their life course. Leveraging more than 15 years of management and consulting experience with large integrated health systems and community-based organizations, I partner with stakeholders across multiple disciplines and settings to develop and/or implement practices that link vulnerable populations with needed health care, public health and social resources. My research encompasses two key areas: evaluating the development and implementation of patient navigation interventions designed to address health inequities by facilitating the timely movement of patients across the health care continuum; and examining barriers and facilitators to improving patient engagement, including shared decision-making, across diverse populations, with the objective of partnering with systems and communities to develop policies, practices and tools that empower patients and providers.