Martin I. Boyer, MD, MS, FRCS(C)

Carol B and Jerome T Loeb Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery

Washington University in St. Louis (WU)

Dr. Boyer’s research focuses on microvascular transplantation of epiphyseal plate allografts. The techniques currently employed in the treatment of children who have sustained damage to an epiphyseal plate involve autogenous vascularized transplants or non-vascularized bone grafts. He is currently investigating the viability of proximal tibial epiphyseal plates of rabbits that have been harvested and stored in cold transplant solution. He is interested in investigating the viability and growth of these epiphyseal plates after transplantation and short-term immunosuppression. Dr. Boyer is also involved in a clinical study that is examining the post-operative outcome of patients with cubital tunnel syndrome who have undergone in-situ decompression or anterior transposition.