Michael A. Province, MS, PhD

Professor of Biostatistics

Washington University in St. Louis (WU)

I am interested in the development and application of statistical genetics analysis methods for human complex traits and diseases. This includes gene discovery and validation in genomic scans (association, gene expression, and copy number), pathway analysis, and the design of family/genetic observational studies and clinical trials. I have developed growth curve pharmacogenetic models of treatment effect, Poisson-Process genetic models, frailty (age-at-onset) models, recursive partitioning genetic methods, meta-analysis procedures, and novel Sequential Multiple Decision Procedures to simultaneously identify all signals in a genome scan while controlling for overall type I and type II error rates. I have also developed a generalized systems biology model and program for performing multivariate and multilocus genetic analysis (SEGPATH). I am the PI (Coordinating Center) of several national, and international multicenter genetic studies, including the NHLBI Family Heart Study (heart disease genetics), the GOLDN Study (lipid pharmacogenetics), and the Long Life Family Study (longevity genetics).