Mohamed A. Zayed, MD, Other, PhD

Assistant Professor of Surgery, Molecular Cell Biology and Biomedical Engineering

Washington University in St. Louis (WU)

My translational research program is multi-pronged and focuses on: 1) Patients infected with COVID-19, who manifest a wide variety of clinical signs/symptoms including significantly high rates of hypercoagulability and thromboembolic complications. My research aims to determine whether patients on chronic anticoagulation prior to COVID-19 diagnosis are less likely to develop complications by evaluating disease severity, likelihood of complications and mortality outcomes in matched cohorts of
patients on chronic anti-coagulation and patients not on anticoagulation. Type of anticoagulation and cormorbidities, as well as demographics, will be evaluated with primary end points being the incidence of complications ( e.g. MI, renal failure, etc), length of stay and death. 2) Evaluating mechanisms in peripheral arterial disease progression in the setting of diabetes. 2) Developing novel therapeutic arteriovenous implants for the treatment of diabetes. 4) Developing next generation venous thrombectomy devices for the treatment of large-volume iliocaval DVTs.