Paul K. Commean, BEE

Assistant Professor of Radiology

Washington University in St. Louis (WU)

Primarily I have performed research with patients who have a history of diabetes and peripheral neuropathy. My research interests are to collaborate with researchers to develop and utilize quantitative imaging tools (musculoskeletal, brain, abdominal) and bring the tools from the lab into clinical usage. I have developed semi-automatic soft tissue segmentation and measurement methods to quantify subcutaneous fat, individual muscles, and intra-muscular adipose tissue in the calf, foot and thigh. I have developed semi-automatic bone segmentation and measurement methods to quantify the volume and bone mineral density (BMD) of whole bones for all 12 bones in the foot. The BMD was used to create an imaging biomarker to identify individuals with diabetes who are at risk for developing Charcot Arthropathy. I have developed web based software and databases for inputting case report form information into a database for multi-center trials. I have worked as a project manager on many studies.