Richard J. Barohn, MD

Executive Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs

University of Missouri – Columbia (MU)

The past 20 years, I have been at the University of Kansas Medical Center and most recently serving as the Vice Chancellor for Research and PI of the KUMC CTSA grant. I am involved in many federally- and foundation-funded clinical research studies for rare neuromuscular diseases, such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, inflammatory myopathies, and muscular dystrophies. I was the PI on three completed multicenter R01 grants: 1) mexiletine in non-dystrophic myotonia; 2) methotrexate in MG; 3) rasagiline in ALS and am the PI on another multicenter R01 grant through the FDA OPD which we coordinate at KUMC (memantine for ALS. I will serve on the Advisory Committee for T32 and provide advice in establishing processes for selecting trainees and creating of training programs. The trainees will be able to take advantage of features of the NextGen Precision Health program, which is a University of Missouri statewide initiative.