Samantha E. Adamson, MD, PhD


Washington University in St. Louis (WU)

My research is focused on type 1, type 2, and atypical diabetes, specifically how islet cells including beta, alpha, and delta cells communicate. I am seeking to better understand the complexities of somatostatin (SST)-mediated suppression of beta cell calcium and cAMP flux and insulin secretion by focusing on somatostatin receptor 3 which, unique to other SSTRs, is localized to membrane organelles called primary cilia that act as signaling hubs due to their enrichment in certain GPCRs like SSTR3. Future directions for the project include investigating the role of the TRP channel polycystin 2 in islets, specifically whether it functions in the primary cilia to mediate beta cell calcium responses. I am also exploring how integrase inhibitors, a class of antiretroviral therapies, may directly impact islet cell function and contribute to increased prevalence of diabetes and ketosis observed in patients with HIV treated with these medications.