Scott Sell, PhD

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Saint Louis University (SLU)

Scott A. Sell, Ph.D. is currently a Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, and the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education in the School of Science and Engineering. He is also a founder and part of the leadership team for the Saint Louis University Center for Additive Manufacturing, launched in November 2019.
Dr. Sell’s Tissue Engineering Scaffold Fabrication Lab focuses on the fabrication and evaluation of tissue engineering scaffolds capable of replicating both the form and function of the native extracellular matrix (ECM). Of principal interest is the fabrication of scaffolds capable of promoting wound healing and the filling of large tissue defects, as well as orthopaedic applications such as bone and intervertebral disc repair. Dr. Sell is also heavily interested in STEM education; having worked closely with the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN).