Thomas C. Bailey, MD

Professor of Medicine

Washington University in St. Louis (WU)

Dr. Bailey’s primary research focus is in the application of information technology to improve healthcare quality, with emphases in optimizing pharmacotherapy, medication safety, and infection control. Current work involves an epidemiologic approach to solving clinical problems, using data that is electronically captured, stored, and analyzed. Insights gained from these analyses are then used to develop, test, and implement expert systems to enhance healthcare quality, using BJC facilities as the laboratory to evaluate these approaches. Event detection, rule-based expert systems, and notification technologies are all aspects of this work. Examples of current expert systems include DoseChecker, PharmADE, DoseRanger, Automated Guideline Monitor, EventDetector, and GermWatcher. All of these systems reduce complex data to clinically useful information for those who are best positioned to use it for the purpose of improving patient care.