Virginia Ramseyer Winter, MSW, PhD

Assistant Professor

University of Missouri – Columbia (MU)

Everyone has a body image and, for most folks, this body image is negative at least some of the time. But, how does body image relate to health behaviors and outcomes? Dr. Ginny Ramseyer Winter (she/her) aims to answer these questions. A proud Mizzou Tiger, Ginny is an Assistant Professor in the MU School of Social Work, where she began in 2015. She also serves as Director of the Center for Body Image Research & Policy (CBIRP), founded in 2018 and housed in the Missouri Prevention Science Institute.

Ginny’s research examines body image in relation to health and health disparities experienced by marginalized individuals and communities. She is particularly interested in developing interventions that improve body image, thereby improving health, and effecting change to advance social justice around issues of body image and health.