Center for Community Health Partnership and Research (CCHPR)

The Center for Community Health Partnership and Research (CCHPR)

The Center for Community Health Partnership & Research (CCHPR) is a joint center supported by the Washington University’s ICTS and the Institute for Public Health

The mission of the CCHPR is to reduce disparities and improve health and wellness in the St. Louis region by fostering bidirectional communication and supporting community-academic partnerships and research endeavors. 

See our flyer for a description of our Center initiatives.

Community Advisory Board (CAB)

The CAB is comprised of local leaders from a broad range of organizations, who have worked to reduce barriers to research participation by increasing public trust and making research opportunities more accessible. See our current board members.

One of the charges of the CAB is to help the ICTS expand bidirectional communication between St. Louis area communities and academic researchers.  CAB members present the health issues currently being experienced by members of the communities that they represent, and pressing research questions for those communities. Click on the following links to see a summary of each presentation and related research questions. These questions are intended to serve as stimuli for academic research.

Refugee and Immigrant Communities in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area

Hispanics and Latinos and the Uninsured in the St. Louis Region

Asians in the St. Louis Region

The CAB also provides consultations to academic researchers.  Members can assist you in planning your research agenda, developing research questions, and/or providing input into study design, recruitment, implementation, and dissemination of results.  Contact us to schedule a consultation. 

Practice Based Research Networks (PBRNs)

The Washington University Pediatric & Adolescent Ambulatory Research Consortium (WU PAARC) has developed a formal infrastructure to actively engage community practitioners in clinical and translational research. These community pediatricians and pediatric nurse practitioners study how best to care for children and adolescents in the community setting, and  are committed to using research findings to guide how they care for their patients.

Community Based Research Education (REACH)

Research Engagement to Advance Community Health (REACH) aims to increase research understanding and participation among underrepresented populations in order to make research more representative.  Our Community Health Workers engage with community members at locations throughout the St. Louis region, including grocery stores, libraries, employment agencies, and food pantries.

Learn more about REACH and how it can assist you with study recruitment and retention.

Facilities & Other Resources

Access the standard description of CCHPR facilities and other resources for grant application purposes.

Additional Services for ICTS Investigators and Community Organizations

Contact us to learn more about:

  • Training opportunities in community-engaged research
  • Scheduling individualized consultations to discuss how to effectively engage in community-university partnerships and research endeavors
  • Capacity-building opportunities for community-based organizations
  • Community-based research education
  • Match-making between researcher and community organizations with shared health interests