7. Lobe Specificity of Iron Binding to Transferrin Differentially Influences the Relationship Between Bone Morphogenetic Protein 6 and Hepcidin Expression in Mice

Introduction: The mechanisms by which changes in transferrin (TF) saturation regulate hepcidin are unclear. We reported that transgenic mice expressing mutant TF that block iron binding to either N-lobe (N-bl) or C-lobe (C-bl) have differences in erythropoietin sensitivity and hepcidin regulation. To characterize the differential regulation of the gene encoding hepcidin, Hamp1, in these mice […]

8. Development of an HPLC-based Method for the Separation of Transferrin Forms in Murine Serum

Introduction: Transferrin (Tf) is the primary iron binding protein in serum. It has two homologous lobes, N and C, that can each bind one iron molecule. Thus, Tf exists in four forms, apo-, monoferric N, monoferric C and holo-Tf. At physiologic Tf saturations, the monoferric Tfs are the predominant forms. Using mice genetically engineered to […]