Ajuma focuses on mental health of Black youth

Ajuma Muhammad

Licensed psychotherapist Ajuma M. uses his life experiences and innate talents to focus on the mental health of young Black men and help them find their path through an obstacle-filled world. He is also a motivational speaker and author who has traveled the world. He learns new languages as a hobby, allowing him to deepen […]

Antajuan A. conveys his activism through urban farming and buttons

Growing up in the 1980s in North Saint Louis—an area with high rates of crime and poverty—Antajuan A. never imagined he would one day farm this area and that it would become a tool in a fight for social justice. New Roots Antajuan works part-time delivering plants to office spaces; this allows him to be at […]

Audrey C. draws from experience, training to help people in crisis

Audrey uses her past struggles to shape the authentic person she is today—a mother of three, a certified peer recovery support specialist, a domestic violence crisis hotline operator, and a powerful advocate for opioid overdose prevention. Her story Drug addiction changed the canvas of Audrey’s life while in college in the late 1980s. Smoking marijuana […]

Matt T. discusses disparities, protest, and your news source

Matt T. has spent over 20 years examining how people think, particularly when it comes to race and ethnicity. Currently, he is an Associate Professor of Psychological Sciences and the Associate Dean For Faculty Affairs in the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, with an interest in minority mental health. […]

Felice M. supports educators, encourages listening

Felice M. recognizes the struggles of the pandemic from multiple perspectives—she is the mother of two children at different life stages and the wife of a funeral home operator. As a full-time nonprofit and strategic communications consultant, Felice focuses on using her skills to help strengthen local systems of support. She advocates for conversation and action […]

Ebony finds much to appreciate with her kindergarten triplets and a four-year-old during the pandemic

Ebony and her daughters

With the arrival of COVID-19 in St. Louis County, Ebony E.’s opportunities as a professional actor evaporated, along with her part-time childcare position at a community center. In many ways, though, she considers herself lucky. She celebrated her 30th birthday during the shutdown, as well as the birthdays of her four daughters—six-year-old triplets and a […]

Library assistant feels some anxiety about shopping and returning to work

Sue Anne

Sue Anne W. is a library assistant working from home in University City, MO. Due to the COVID-19 stay-at-home order, her son’s wedding has been postponed. She understands the necessity of social distancing and longs for the day when she can hug her son again. Grocery Shopping Sue Anne is frustrated with one aspect of […]

Calvin helps with employment, sees poor masking habits during COVID-19 pandemic

Calvin B.

Calvin B., 67, lives with his wife in 63115 and works in 63103, two of the top five ZIP codes in St. Louis City for COVID-19 infection. He likes to play scrabble, work in his garden, and hopes to get back to playing handball soon. Employment Connection Calvin is a specialist at Employment Connection, a […]

Terrez H. keeps a positive attitude, sees mixed compliance while canvassing

Terrez, right, puts up PrepareSTL poster at Employment Connection with instructor Calvin Burks.

Terrez H., a 24-year-old living in Soulard, was surprised by what he saw in the community when he took on a weekend canvassing position through PrepareSTL, sharing COVID-19 information in hot spot areas. COVID-19 Safety Campaign PrepareSTL is a collaborative campaign powered by the Missouri Foundation for Health in partnership with the Regional Health Commission, […]

Jeffrey S. mitigates risks, stays active taking care of himself, brother, and community

Jeffrey S. mitigates risks, stays active taking care of himself, brother, and community Jeffrey S. is a retired widower living in the west end of St. Louis city in a two-story home where he cares for an older brother who has diabetes and dementia. Jeffrey has always been active: roller skating, exercising, and staying connected […]