Center for Community Health Partnership and Research (CCHPR)

The Center for Community Health Partnership and Research

The Center for Community Health Partnership & Research (CCHPR) is a joint entity supported by the Washington University’s ICTS and the Institute for Public Health (IPH)

The mission of the CCHPR is to reduce disparities and improve health and wellness in the region by fostering meaningful engagement between communities and researchers. CCHPR supports community-academic partnerships and research through the following initiatives: 

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Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) was established to help bridge the gap between university research and local communities.  The CAB is comprised of a diverse group of individuals with strong ties to local communities within the St. Louis region, including surrounding counties.  Members meet bimonthly to provide recommendation into the goals, strategies and activities of the ICTS and IPH. 

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Community Engagement Studios

Community Engagement Studios (CE Studios) provide a structured forum for researchers to gain valuable patient or community input at different stages of research development and implementation.  CE studios can address:

  • culturally appropriateness of recruitment materials and participant compensation
  • participant retention strategies
  • simplifying the consent process and identifying entry points for community-based recruitment
  • intervention design
  • survey design
  • ethical considerations
  • translations of research findings into practice

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Capacity Building Support for Community Organizations

In response to a capacity needs assessment conducted in partnership with the Brown School Evaluation Center, CCHPR offers capacity building opportunities to organizations in the areas of performance measurement, management, human resources, communications, grant writing, evaluation, and data collection. Examples include:

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Research Education in Community Settings

What's your reach? is a campaign dedicated to making research understandable and relatable to everyone. Through the campaign we:

  • Provide research education in community settings
  • Dispel myths and misconceptions about research
  • Discuss opportunities to participate in research - both as
    community experts and study participants.

Staff engages with community members at locations throughout the St. Louis region, including libraries, YMCAs, community centers, health fairs, employment agencies, and food pantries.

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Additional Services for ICTS Investigators and Community Organizations

  • Match-making between researchers and community organizations with shared health interests
  • Consultations to discuss: 
    • Strategies for identifying and engaging communities in the development and implementation of a research project
    • Navigating administrative obstacles to conducting research in community settings
    • Translation and dissemination of research findings in community settings
  • Grant review to provide feedback related to plans for stakeholder/community engagement