ICTS Registration Guidelines

Who Should Register?

Only individuals from an ICTS partner institution may register.

Benefits of Membership

ICTS membership will provide:

  • Access to Core facilities, consulting services and education and funding opportunities
  • Increased exposure to collaborative relationships
  • Exposure to national opportunities available through other CTSA sites
  • Opportunities in clinical and translational research training programs for students and junior faculty

Obligations of Membership

  • Provide requested information when using ICTS Cores and services
  • Log publications and awards resulting from use of ICTS Cores and services and respond to ICTS tracking and evaluation requests
  • Acknowledge NIH Funding for all publications and projects that use any ICTS Core or service
  • Provide information about your research for the CTSA annual progress report to the NIH

Categories of Registration

There are two CATEGORIES of registration: 1) ICTS Membership and 2) Associate Registration

ICTS Membership includes:

  1. Faculty Member: An employee of one of the ICTS academic partner organizations who holds a faculty level position. This individual is involved in developing and/or conducting a research project and acts as principal investigator, co-investigator, collaborator or consultant.

  2. Community Physician: St. Louis community or Illinois Metro East physician partnering with a Faculty Member to engage in research activities. Community physicians may also register if they are serving as a member of an ICTS community advisory board.

  3. Post-Doctoral Student/Trainee: Students and trainees participating in a post-doctoral training program provided through Washington University or one of the ICTS partners.

  4. Pre-Doctoral Student/Trainee: Students and trainees participating in a pre-doctoral training program provided through Washington University or one of the ICTS partner institutions.

  5. Other: Individuals who do not clearly fit into other identified categories. Although not often principal investigators, individuals in this category could be co-investigators or collaborators. Examples include hospital or community management such as CEOs and board presidents, members of ICTS advisory committees and hospital staff of ICTS partner institutions (ex. psychologists).

Associate Registration:

Individuals register as an ICTS Associate in the following categories to provide demographic information needed for ICTS service tracking activities and to be included in distribution lists for ICTS events and notices. Associates are not included on the list of members presented under the Member Tool section on the ICTS website.

  1. Research Staff: These individuals serve as research project support staff by organizing and administering research studies and conducting research study activities. Research Staff, such as study coordinators, statisticians or technicians are employees of Washington University or one of the ICTS partner institutions.
  2. Administrative: This category includes individuals that support investigators and research staff. For example, some administrative coordinators may need to register as an ICTS Associate in the Administrative category since they schedule ICTS services on behalf of the study coordinator or principal investigator. Grant administrators, secretaries and other support staff that must be identified in service tracking systems to have permission to schedule an ICTS core service are included in this category.