Abu S. Mosa, MSC, PhD

Assistant Research Professor

University of Missouri – Columbia (MU)

Dr. Mosa is an Assistant Research Professor of Health Informatics, an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), a member of the Core Faculty of Institute for Data Science and Informatics (IDSI) PhD Program, and he leads the Clinical Research Informatics Lab at the NextGen Biomedical Informatics Center at the University of Missouri (MU) School of Medicine conducting scholarly activities, teaching, and services. Dr. Mosa’s research fall within the subdiscipline of medical informatics for supporting the mission of biomedical and clinical research, which include: (a) the application of data science techniques for real-world data management, warehousing and mining for developing, implementing and disseminating the 21st century data-driven research infrastructure, and (b) the innovative uses of EHR to support clinical and translational research and the learning health system, with the goal of healthcare innovation, patient-centered outcomes improvement and precision medicine application.