Beth E. Taylor, MS, Doctorate of Clinical Nutrition

Research Scientist, Sr Clinical Research Coord

Washington University in St. Louis (WU)

After nearly 20 in the intensive care setting where I was involved in mentoring critical care fellows and advanced practice nurses, and serving as the PI on bedside multidisciplinary research involving glycemic control, electrolyte stability and nutrition support; I decided to pursue my doctorate degree. Once awarded, I transitioned to a research scientist role within BJH. My research interests focus on critical care nutrition, malnutrition, glycemic control, sarcopenia, frailty and muscle synthesis and preservation. Overall, I focus on interventions (primarily physical and nutritional) that may impact inpatient and outpatient outcomes. I have recently completed baseline observational research on prevalence of malnutrition at BJH and impact on fall incidence, 30-day readmission and mortality. I hope to use my previous experience and work to lead a multidisciplinary group to address post-intensive care syndrome via inpatient and outpatient interventions.