Gregory M. Lanza, MD, PhD

Professor of Medicine

Washington University in St. Louis (WU)

Dr. Lanza is a Director of CTRAIN, which is installing a clinical MRI as part of a WU-United Imaging in Healthcare collaboration. The program will be IAC accredited and heavily focused on cardio-oncology. The primary research will be to utilize MRI to assess cardiac toxicity imparted from cancer therapeutics, e.g. TKI, anthracyclines, PD-1, and secondary disease manifestations, e.g., amyloid. in myeloma. The program seeks to simplify MR acquisition and reporting techniques and to project patient therapeutic outcomes using Artificial Intelligence. AI will be used to assist in hybridizing myocardial tissue characterization data, reflective of inflammation, fibrosis, and inflitrate, with demographic and blood based clinical pathology indicators.

In addition, Dr. Lanza has coinvented numerous nanoparticle platforms for molecular imaging with MRI, ultrasound, CT, optical, and photoacoustics. In addition, he has developed nanoparticle platforms and compatible prodrugs to address a variety of unmet medical needs in cardiovascular disease, cancer, and arthritis.