Hua Pan, PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine

Washington University in St. Louis (WU)

My current research involves the basic conception, development, and clinical application of novel nanostructures that serve as safe and effective delivery vehicles for any class of therapeutic nucleotides. The design of peptide-based siRNA and mRNA polyplexes for multiplexed control of protein production will be broadly applicable for RNAi, gene therapy, and regenerative medicine. I also study molecular mechanisms of cancer treatment-induced toxicities that can limit continuation of effective therapy or result in long-term adverse effects in cancer survivors. The efforts are key to the development of more effective and less toxic anti-cancer nanomedicine therapeutics, identification of predictive biomarkers for high-risk patient population, and mitigation of cancer treatment induced toxicities. We also design machine learning approaches to enhance the predictive role of artificial intelligence in multidimensional analysis of cancer and other disease pathophysiologies.