Ikbal Sencan-Egilmez, MS, PhD

Assistant Professor of Radiology

Washington University in St. Louis (WU)

My research aims to promote a better understanding of ‘brain in action’ by elucidating the complex interplay between oxygenation, blood flow, microvascular structure, and metabolism in health and disease by using methods such as two-photon phosphorescence lifetime microscopy, optical coherence tomography, speckle contrast imaging, optical intrinsic signal imaging, etc. We conduct in vivo optical quantifications across scales in spatial (subcapillary to whole-brain) and temporal (milliseconds to months) domains. These preclinical measurements inform a quantitative interpretation of the human neuroimaging signals (such as BOLD fMRI) and support the efforts toward bridging across imaging modalities. In addition to cerebral energetics, we investigate the projections of brain health into other organs such as the eye and the gut to identify the early markers of neurovascular diseases and preventative strategies.