Jeffrey A. Gavard, MS, PhD

Research Associate Professor

Saint Louis University (SLU)

Intrafamilial risk of Type I diabetes among siblings of index cases and factors influencing that risk, particularly environmental, genetic, and psychiatric etiologies; the co-morbidity of diabetes and depression; examination of weight gain restriction on the reduction of adverse maternal/neonatal outcomes in singleton and twin gestations in obese pregnant women; the association of gestational weight gain with infant birth weight by obesity class and diabetic status; the impact of gestational weight gain and smoking on birth weight in underweight women; the efficacy of a trimodal (physical therapy, nutritional counseling, and psychological counseling) versus unimodal (physical therapy alone) program of prehabilitation to promote recovery after surgery in gynecologic oncology patients; and the identification of risk factors and development of predictive models for obstetric and gynecologic endpoints are all current research interests.