Kilannin Krysiak, PhD

Washington University in St. Louis (WU)

My research focuses on the improvement of patient treatment by advancing our understanding of the impact of genetic alterations on cancer prognosis and treatment response. I am involved in analysis and interpretation of sequencing data derived from cancers in large cohort and case studies as well as the development of resources designed to improve this process.

In collaboration with Drs. Fehniger and Bartlet, we are investigating the genomic landscape of follicular lymphoma, determining the clinical implications of recurrent variants and identifying mutations promoting lymphoma development and therapeutic resistance.

I am also involved in the development and curation of an open-source knowledgebase for the Clinical Interpretation of Variants in Cancer (CIViC,, which promotes collaborative evaluation and dissemination of clinically relevant interpretations of genetic alterations.

Other projects include ad hoc analyses of case studies to investigate novel research questions or guide clinical action as part of the Genomics Tumor Board.