Mary S. Ruppert-Stroescu, MS, PhD

Associate Professor

Washington University in St. Louis (WU)

I am passionate about harnessing the power of textiles and clothing to improve lives, specifically in terms of engaging technological advancements in terms of smart and conductive textiles to improve health and well-being. I have worked in teams including fields as diverse as fashion design, biomedical sciences, physiology, mechanical, electrical and computer engineering, and data mining. Completed projects include a) integrating electronics into materials for working prototypes for sensing systems that gather biometric signals (EKG, Sp02 & respiration), transmitting the data wirelessly to a computer for the medical-quality signals to be processed and analyzed and b) researching the clothing behaviors of women over 65 to develop a hip protector holder that garnered positive responses in user overnight wear tests and working with mechanical engineers to develop a thin yet impact-diffusing material to protect the hip from breakage when falls occur.