Monica S. Perlmutter, MS

Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy

Washington University in St. Louis (WU)

Research interests relate to measurement of the occupational performance of older adults, impact of vision on occupational performance and role of lighting in daily activities of older adults with and without vision loss. Data collection for a 3 year study examining the impact of glaucoma on daily activities and quality of life has just been completed. The next project will examine the efficacy of home lighting intervention designed for older adults. Clinical work is directed toward older adults with low vision. A person-environment-occupation framework, along with a client-centered, collaborative approach is used to guide assessment and intervention. Specific strategies include teaching individuals to use remaining vision efficiently, adaptive strategies to increase independence in self care, home management, work, leisure and community mobility, and optical devices during daily activities. Clients are also provided with recommendations to optimize lighting and improve the safety and accessibility of their home.