Parakkal Deepak, MS, MBBS

Washington University in St. Louis (WU)

My clinical expertise is in the diagnosis and management of complex IBD with the overarching focus on improving the precision of medical therapy in IBD, focusing on the right patient, the right drug and the right dose, to maximize efficacy and limit side-effects. My initial research explored adverse events with Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha antagonists using administrative databases. My current research focus has been on utilizing non-invasive methodologies for assessment of disease activity and response to medical therapy in Crohn’s disease. In particular, my research has explored transmural response assessed with computed tomography or magnetic resonance enterography as a treatment target in small bowel Crohn’s disease. I have additionally explored body composition analysis as a predictor of long-term outcomes and a marker of response in small bowel Crohn’s disease. My goal is to become a leader in research that allows personalized precision care for IBD patients to optimize outcomes and minimize treatment related side effects by developing new biomarkers of disease activity and therapy response.