Raymond E. Bourey, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine

Washington University in St. Louis (WU)

Translation of the science of metabolism and biological rhythms for industry, health, and human performance: I. Clinical research focuses on primary menopausal insomnia, as I defined it in 2011, based on EEG spectral analysis cyclic alternating patterns (CAP) on EEG. Plans include assessment of (1) analysis of blinded data from a previous polysomnographic study of menopausal insomnia to test the hypothesis that CAP and related changes in heart rate variability are more prevalent in women following perimenopause; (2) the relationship between menopausal sleep disruption, and a continuous measure of glucose control; (3) the relationship of CAP and heart rate variability to sweats; (4) treatment of menopausal sleep disruption by modulators of voltage-gated calcium channels and other pharmacological interventions. II. Insulin resistance associates with dementia. We have proposed a study of genetically modified mice with spontaneous steatohepatitis and insulin resistance for changes related to sarcopenia, frailty, and impairment of memory.