Ryan M. Teague, PhD

Saint Louis University (SLU)

My area of research interest is in Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy. The work in my lab strives to identify and manipulate the mechanisms of immune tolerance that undermine cancer immunotherapy. We have had success in overcoming T cell tolerance with checkpoint blockade antibodies to provide immunotherapy for mice with disseminated leukemia and melanoma. This work has produced insight into the molecular requirements for rescue of tumor-reactive CD8+ T cells within a tolerizing environment. As combination checkpoint blockade is now entering clinical trials, our goal is to move toward studies in humanized mice that have patient-derived immune systems and bear tumors isolated from the same patients. These studies will combine the flexibility, scientific rigor, and safety of an animal model with more robust clinical significance. Our goal is to inform clinical development of the next generation of immunotherapies for patients with cancer.