Getahun Abate, MD, MSC, PhD

Assistant Professor

Infectious disease, mycobacterial diseases and immunology.

Ali Ahmad, MD


Research interests are mainly in cardiology, with a special interest in disciplines such as cardiac imaging, interventional cardiology, electrophysiology and artificial intelligence. And in topics ...

Syed O. Ahmad, OTD, PhD


As a stereologer, and occupational therapist there is a unique perspective on dysfunction in the basal ganglia, cortex and hippocampus. Research has focused on two areas in particular: The aging, ...

SangNam Ahn, PhD

Associate Professor

As a health services researcher, my focus has been on exploring diverse health issues that affect older populations. My investigations have included topics such as mental health, caregiving, ...

Stewart G. Albert, MD

Professor, Internal Medicine

Clinical management of diabetes melliutus and complications.

Lisa Alderson, MD

Assistant Professor

I am interested in clinical research in non-invasive imaging and preventive cardiology.

Ayoob Ali, MD, MPH

Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Primary interest is evaluation of neonatal resuscitation and application of non invasive methods like LMA (Laryngeal Mask Airways). Elective intubations and medications to make neonatal intubation ...

Elise Alspach, PhD

Assistant Professor

Cancer immunotherapies are profoundly effective in a minority of cancer patients. My research program aims to identify mechanisms of resistance to immunotherapies by studying the interactions between ...

Edwin Antony, MSC, PhD


Our research focuses on the mechanisms of action of multi-subunit and multi-domained enzymes that function in DNA repair, recombination and replication, and electron transfer reactions. Deciphering ...

Alexander Aria, MD

Assistant Professor

Dermatological Oncology, Mohs Micrographic Surgery, High-Risk Skin Cancers, Skin of Color, Diversity Equity and Inclusion