Pankaj Dwivedi, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Associate

The research interest includes pharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamic aspects of the drug. I have developed nanomaterial based targeted delivery to tissue of interest especially for ...

Alicia B. Forinash, PharmD

Professor, Pharmacy Practice

My primary interest area for research and clinical practice is women's health.

Nicole M. Gattas, PharmD

Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice

I am interested in research on health literacy. We are working on several projects currently regarding curricular enhancements for student pharmacists. Also interested in medication disposal. ...

Gloria R. Grice, PharmD

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs; Professor, Pharmacy Practice

I am currently working with Dr. Brian Gage in the area of pharmacogenetics of warfarin. I participate in mentoring T32 students that Dr. Gage is primary mentor for.

Scott K. Griggs, PharmD, PhD

Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Administration

Dr. Griggs' research interests include: Pharmacoeconomics, Health Outcomes, the U.S, Health Care System, Entrepreneurship, and Medication Errors.

Muhammad Hagras, MS, PhD, RPH

Assistant Professor Chemistry

My current research spans a multitude of interesting fields: A. Development Side: 1- Development of an accurate and fast QM/MM-MD GPU-engine with a user-friendly interface 2- ...

Lamees Hegazy, PhD

Assistant Professor, Medicinal

The research focus of Dr. Hegazy is the rational design and optimization of therapeutic compounds using molecular modeling and computational biochemistry methods. She uses molecular dynamics ...

Haley N. Johnson, PharmD

My areas of interest include advancement of clinical pharmacy services, internal medicine, nephrology, inpatient diabetes, anticoagulation, pharmacy academia, interprofessional education, ...

Danni Liao, PhD

Assistant Professor

I am interested in conducting community-based, interdisciplinary research to address issues in intercultural communication in healthcare.

Stephanie Lukas, MPH, PharmD

Interim Director, Global Health and Equity Education; Associate Professor, Pharmacy Administration

My research focuses on the important and emerging areas of global health and public health, especially as related to pharmacy. My research focuses primarily on vitally important areas such as: 1) ...