Vijayalingam Selvamani, PhD

Saint Louis University (SLU)

I have extensive experience in small animal models, imaging approaches and genomic expression profiling analyses. I have worked on the analysis of E1A proteomes. I identified interaction of multiple mediator components with L-E1A and showed that L-E1A trans-activates by TFIID and targeting TFIID and SEC through the mediator complex to the viral early promoters. I also found through the proteomic analysis that HAdV E1A recruits the cellular proto-oncoprotein c-MYC through an E1A domain that is critically important for cell transformation via TRRAP/ p400 proteins. I also discovered the interaction between L-E1A and KAP1 through LS-MS proteomic analysis. Currently, I am working on RNA-seq analysis and validation of differentially expressed genes in early neurons differentiated from CtBP1-mutated (W342) patient cells. I have established colonies of C57BL/6J mice with ctbp1W342 knock-in mutation and I am poised for characterization of the phenotypes of the mutant mice.