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ICTS Publication Snapshot 2017

ICTS member scientific productivity in 2017

1,662 ICTS members (75% of active members) published in 2017, resulting in 4,450 publications which earned 64,517 views in Scopus

1 out of 3 ICTS publications were in the 10% most cited publications worldwide

Publications earned 20,412 total citations, an average of 4.6 citations per publication

Journal articles covered these top 10 subject areas

Article authors represented 1,733 institutions worldwide, all 50 States, and all CTSA Hubs

1,692 unique journal titles were represented, including these top 10 journals

Statistics calculated as of June 2018. Data from publications authored by ICTS members and publications that acknowledge WU CTSA awards is collected from several databases on an annual basis using Elsevier Scopus & SciVal, Clarivate Analytics Web of Science, & MEDLINE®/PubMed®. Views in Scopus represent the sum of abstract views and clicks on the link to view full-text.