Facilitating Team Science through Collaboration

To advance translational research from a basic discovery to an actionable improvement in public health typically requires a team science approach involving a variety of stakeholders.

The ICTS facilitates team science by providing access to collaboration opportunities among our members at Washington University and our regional partner institutions. We encourage this partnership development with the ICTS member directory, a resource to find other investigators with similar research interests.

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Felipe Almeida de Pinho Ribeiro, PhD, MSC

Assistant Professor of Medicine

My lab investigates the mechanisms by which sensory neurons shape immunity and how neuroimmune interactions contribute to the pathogenesis of human diseases. We combine techniques from neuroscience …

Amrullah Alsatli, MD

Instructor in Medicine

Hospital Medicine and Pulmonary Medicine related research

Elise Alspach, PhD

Assistant Professor

Cancer immunotherapies are profoundly effective in a minority of cancer patients. My research program aims to identify mechanisms of resistance to immunotherapies by studying the interactions between …

Osama Altayar, MD

Instructor in Medicine

I am interested in knowledge synthesis and methodology including systematic reviews, meta-analysis, guidelines development, evidence-based practice concepts, and “big data”.

Michael B. Altman, PhD

Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology

Enhanced efficiency and safety of treatment plans for radiation therapy treatments including brachytherapy.

David M. Alvarado, PhD

Instructor in Medicine

I am interested in intestinal biology during states of health, inflammatory disorders such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, and colon cancer. Through research, I seek to understand and …

Surachai Amornsawadwattana, MD, MSC

Instructor in Medicine

General gastroenterology, GI oncology, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Junedh M. Amrute

DBBS Pre Doc Trainee

Despite tremendous progress in CAD/HF research, we still have an incomplete understanding of the precise cell states, transcriptional programs, and regulatory mechanism driving CAD and HF. We …

Hongyu An, ScD

Associate Director of Center for Clinical Imaging Research

My primary research interest is to develop novel imaging methods to deepen our understanding on pathophysiology and improve clinical diagnosis and patient management. I have focused on MR imaging …

Ping An, AuD

Assistant Professor of Genetics

My primary research focus is in cochlear implant optimization and verification testing for both adults and children.

Ruopeng An, PhD

Associate Professor

Ruopeng An conducts research to assess environmental influences and population-level interventions on weight-related behaviors and outcomes throughout the life course. In particular, his work …

Milan J. Anadkat, MD

Professor of Medicine

Complex Medical Dermatology, Oncodermatology, Hidradenitis Suppurative, Connective Tissue Disease, Autoimmune Blistering Disease

Corina Anastasaki, MS, PhD

Assistant Professor

Employing genetically engineered hiSPCs and mice to develop preclinical models of nervous system tumors as well as study neurodevelopmental anomalies.

Theresa Anasti, MSW, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Anasti is interested in improving services for people who use drugs. Specifically, she is interested in better implementing trauma-informed and harm reduction services within human service …

Allison B. Anbari, PhD, RN

Assistant Research Professor

My research program is focused on breast cancer survivorship and the corresponding co-morbid chronic conditions, or risk for those co-morbidities, which survivors must be aware of indefinitely. These …

Beau M. Ances, MD, MSC, PhD

Daniel J Brennan MD Professor of Neurology

Current projects in the laboratory include the development of methods for acquisition, processing and analysis of images from multiple modalities with applications towards a greater understanding of …

Rachel C. Ancona, MS, PhD

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

My area of research interest is in leveraging clinically obtained data to improve outcomes for emergency department patients, particularly those whose only touch-point with healthcare is the …

Aaron M. Anderson, BS

Predoctoral Student

Relevance to public health: The activity of adult stem cells is necessary to maintain and rejuvenate tissue health, and progressive loss of stem cell activity is a major contribution to age-related …

Elizabeth A. Anderson, PhD, RN

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Clinical experience in adult hematology-oncology treatment, symptom management, and survivorship care. Certified Lymphedema Therapist. Master’s prepared Nurse Educator with experience teaching …

Neil W. Anderson, MD

Assistant Professor of Pathology and Immunology

In my current role as Assistant Director of Clinical Microbiology my work has been focused on both parasitology and virology. A particular interest of mine has been the molecular detection of …

Usha P. Andley, MS, PhD

Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Crystallin function in vision

Fithi Andom, MSW

Graduate Fellow

Fithi is an intervention researcher committed to improving the behavioral, educational, and health outcomes associated with childhood exposure or risk of trauma, particularly abuse and neglect …

Erin M. Andres, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

I was trained in an inter-disciplinary doctoral program on language acquisition and approached the study of language impairment from both linguistic and molecular genetic perspectives. My past …

Jack H. Andrews, MA

Predoctoral Trainee

Integration of mental health services in primary care medical settings; dissemination and implementation of evidence-based practices in child and adolescent mental health services; two-generation and …

Andrey P. Anokhin, PhD

Professor of Psychiatry

The overall goal of my research is to link genetics, brain, and behavior to understand the determinants and consequences of substance abuse and comorbid psychopathology. My laboratory is conducting …

Rachel A. Anolik, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Breast reconstruction, perioperative protocols

Alison L. Antes Schuelke, MS, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

My research focuses on research ethics and integrity, the design and evaluation of ethics instruction, and the psychology of ethical behavior, leadership, and professionalism.

Edwin Antony, MSC, PhD


Our research focuses on the mechanisms of action of multi-subunit and multi-domained enzymes that function in DNA repair, recombination and replication, and electron transfer reactions. Deciphering …

Lilian Antunes Heck, PhD

Postdoc Research Associate

Inheritance and genetics of pediatric musculoskeletal disorders with focus to identify and understand how human genetic variation influence health and disease.

Anthony J. Apicelli, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology

I am interested in conducting outcomes based and translational research regarding head and neck cancers, lung cancers, CNS tumors and prostate cancer.

Rajendra S. Apte, MD, PhD

Paul A. Cibis Distinguished Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

My interests are in understanding mechanisms underlying retinal diseases at the fundamental and translational level. At the bench, we investigate the pathophysiology of retinal diseases. The …

Bhooma R. Aravamuthan, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Neurology

I am interested in how neonatal brain injury affects motor development. I am currently: 1) Characterizing motor phenotypes of mice following neonatal hypoxia; 2) Studying neuronal injury patterns …

Ana Maria Arbelaez, MD

Professor of Pediatrics

My area of research interest is Diabetes and in particular the role of cerebral mechanisms involved in the patophysiology of Hypoglycemia associated Autonomic Failure in Diabetes. Another area of …

Mark J. Arcario, MD, PhD

Instructor in Anesthesiology

I am interested in understanding the fundamental factors underlying ion channel state transitions. Using molecular modelling and molecular dynamics simulations to answer questions regarding the …

Erin Arcipowski, PhD, RN

community and hospital-based disaster preparedness and response; global health (prevention of infectious diseases, decreasing childhood mortality); effects of climate change on both disasters and …

Alexander Aria, MD

Assistant Professor

Dermatological Oncology, Mohs Micrographic Surgery, High-Risk Skin Cancers, Skin of Color, Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Eric S. Armbrecht, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Assistant Professor of Health Management & Policy, Director

Dr. Eric Armbrecht’s work focuses on the research, development and implementation of new ideas that facilitate chronic disease prevention and management. For more than 12 years, he has led numerous …

Anastasia Armbruster, PharmD

Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice

My research interest is focused on the safe and effective use of anticoagulants and antiplatelets. Additionally, I am interested in the optimization of medications during hospitalization (related to …

Jane M. Armer, PhD, RN

I have done extensive research on physiological measurement of limb volume in post-breast cancer lymphedema; signs, symptoms and self-management of lymphedema among women treated for breast cancer …

Christopher K. Arnatt, PhD

Assistant Professor

Since starting my own laboratory, my research focus has been on developing small molecules for several key protein targets centering on cancer and stem cell biology. I have been working …

Niraj Arora, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology

I work in Neuroscience intensive care unit and take care of patients with acute neurological emergencies. My field is critical for patient management and the research focus is on answering key …

Rachna A. Arora, PhD

Research Scientist

I am a biomedical research scientist with a strong interdisciplinary background in Protein Biochemistry, Molecular Recognition, Peptide Chemistry, Virology and Drug delivery.

Vivek K. Arora, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

My lab seeks to discover molecular determinants of bladder and prostate cancer.

Maxim N. Artyomov, PhD

Alumni Endowed Professor of Pathology and Immunology

Artyomov lab works on the understanding immune cell responses through systems level approach. We are focused on linking high-throughput data generation, hypothesis-centered data analysis and …

Ghazaleh Ashrafi, PhD

Assistant Professor of Cell Biology/Physiology

The ashrafi lab uses genetic, biochemical, and quantitative optical imaging techniques to study metabolic regulation of neurotransmission. The brain is the most energy consuming organ of the body and …

Mostafa F. Ateya, DVM, MS, PhD

Assistant Research Professor

Dr. Abushahba’s research interest involves studying the roles of virulence genes in ExPEC and Brucella with a goal of developing antivirulence subunit vaccines.

Umeshkumar Athiraman, MD

Associate Professor of Anesthesiology


Andrew D. Atkinson, MS, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

My methodological research covers several areas, including developing methods for handling missing data in clinical trials and in large observational cohorts, novel clinical trial design methods, …

Jeffrey J. Atkinson, MD

Professor of Medicine

My lab researches the role of proteases in the development of lung diseases. We are involved in both basic science and clinical translational research in obstructive lung diseases with a special …

John P. Atkinson, MD

Samuel Grant Professor of Medicine

John Atkinson received his B.A. and M.D. degrees from the University of Kansas. His training in internal medicine was at the Massachusetts General Hospital and the National Institutes of Health. …